First Things First!

Hi there 🙂 I recently launched this site an hour ago! Although I have been integrating my designs to WordPress for my clients, I’m fairly new in using a free WP blog, I must say that this is so awesome!

There are features missing like adding plug-ins and using your own theme, but I really don’t mind at all! I have cool site where I can share my life for free, I should be thankful for that!

What I love most in this free WordPress blog is the website’s free themes! Man there are a lot of gorgeous themes in here, the guys that made them are definitely top notch! Among all of them, I used this free theme Zoren which for me is the best theme in the selection. The theme responds to the screen resolution, whether you’re using  a desktop, a table or even a mobile phone the theme will respond and is perfect and flawless!

I hope someday my designs will be as good as this one, maybe better (who knows right? lol)! But first things first, I would really love to thank WordPress for my awesome blog, and of course team Zoren for their awesome theme!